Complete design and fabrication services for new art glass: etched glass, fused glass( fused glasss gallery), glass tiles, mosaic, beveled, painted, etc. Independent commissions for residences (residential gallery) and any public, private, or faith community architecture.( sacred spaces gallery)

Complete restoration services for large or small projects ( see restoration gallery and information pages)

Unique works of glass art for direct sale or through galleries: fused bowls, windows , sculptural pieces

Free art glass information:I am quite willing to share what I know and answer questions about art glass

Condition Analysis : Expert and fully documented independent assessment of your windows, describing their observable condition, and reccommendations (or job specifications) for their conservation.

Protective Exterior Glazing: Where widows may be subject to vandalism or extreme weather it is often a good idea to protect them with non-yellowing plastic or laminated glass.


Brookside does not believe in a "one size fits all" conservation philosophy. Some windows clearly have unique historic value and deserve the most thorough archival treatment: Complete photographic records, archival rubbings, written documentation of all processes, careful consultation about any change in structure or material fabric, etc. These measures add significant expense, but are the most responsible treatment of historic treasures.

Some windows may be restored expertly without such time consuming and costly documentary and consultative measures. These windows may be expertly and beautifully restored and often structurally improved with much less time and expense.

So as you may have guessed, prices vary signifigantly both for building new and for restoring leaded windows depending on the architectural setting, the conservation philosophy, the size of the panels, the complexity of the lead work, the cost of materials, the damage to glass, frames and paint etc.

The quality of Brookside Glasswork's craftsmanship is consistent with the best studios in the world. Our prices are usually lower and often dramatically lower. We have a smaller studio, with low overhead costs, and very modest management costs. Prices for restoration or new work can range from $40. to $800 Per sq ft. with Brookside's work frequently falling around $200.-$350 per sq ft. Each project is bid individually and all work is fully insured.

Joseph Tracy, Owner, Artist